Last Thursday on August 31st, I had the honor of presenting at the inaugural Portland Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) Meetup, representing FSLogix and talking about the pains of deploying Windows 10 and Office 365. I was joined by Andy Tynes, their VP of Worldwide Sales, who presented the company overview and first couple slides. Below you will find a copy of my slide presentation from this meetup. Looking forward to presenting at many more CUGC meetups in the coming months and years! Enjoy.

FSLogix Presentation for Portland CUGC – AUGUST 2017


About Me…

Dane Young, MBA
Twitter: @youngtech
Virtualization Practice Manager



About FSLogix
Unified Base Image Management
Java Control
Profile Containers
Office 365
FSLogix with Citrix App Layering


About FSLogix

Best of Citrix Synergy: Application and Desktop Virtualization


Who are we?

FSLogix is a leading provider of next generation solutions for cloud and virtual desktops

Four modules (only buy what you need):

  1. Masking
  2. Java Conflict Management
  3. Profile Containers
  4. Office 365 Containers


FSLogix™ Office 365 Containers – Customers


Citrix and Microsoft Recommend FSLogix

Citrix and Microsoft Ignite Session (September, 2016)
Recommends FSLogix to Address OST Cached Exchange Mode with Office 365 on Virtual Desktops


MSFT and RDS Gurus Study

“…a significant improvement in user experience when searching in Outlook in non- persistent RDS environments using FSLogix.”


Unified Base Image Management

Massively reduce your number of managed images
Completely eliminate silo farms
Reduce or eliminate application virtualization


Java Control

Supports both Applications and Applets
Automatic redirection for end users
No packaging or sequencing
Assign specific versions of Java to certain Apps or URL’s


Profile Containers

Persist critical files in pooled VDI and XenApp
Eliminate Folder Redirection
Speed up user logins
Enterprise File Sync & Sharing
OneDrive, ShareFile, etc.
Enable Indexing and Search
Search Roaming for Pooled VDI and XenApp


Comparative Login Data

42.98 seconds vs. 7.78 seconds


The Technical Problem of O365 in VDI

You MUST have Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode to get the performance required
Behavior of .OST on WAN and LAN links:
All operations take longer
Write operations can take 4x longer than read operations
Outlook has slower performance than Exchange client
Timeouts on client operations
As a result, Cache Data (.OST), Personal Folders (.PST) and Personal Address Book (.PAB) on
a network share that are accessed remotely are also unsupported configurations.


Introducing FSLogix™ Office 365 Containers

The industry’s first Container based email optimization solution
Simple Drop-In Installation and AD Configuration using GPOs
Increase Employee Productivity an average of 40 Hours Annually
Reduce File Server Utilization by 80%
Eliminate Network Traffic from Login Storms
Real-time email performance for virtual and published desktop users on Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, and AWS
Optimize Exchange, Google Mail, and Microsoft Office 365
OST Stored in VHDX on SMB Share with Search Roaming


FSLogix with Citrix App Layering

How many groups are you supporting?
How far can you consolidate?
Engineering – Marketing – Operations – Sales – NA Sales – APJ Sales – LATAM Sales – Finance – Facilities – Support – Product Mktg – Field Mktg – QA – IT – HR – EMEA Sales – Corp Mktg – Executive


Unified Base Image Management

Install all applications, versions and drivers into one unified base image for all PCs and VMs.


Image Masking and Filtering

FSLogix leverages Active Directory to tailor a desktop for each user or group
Managing users and applications are as simple as managing AD Groups
Different versions of the same application can be delivered to different groups
Install all applications, versions and drivers into one unified base image for all PCs and VMs.
FSLogix driver installs into base image, and is transparent to the hypervisor and OSSlide17

Image Masking and Filtering

… and so on for each user or group in the enterprise.
Install all applications, versions and drivers into one unified base image for all PCs and VMs.


FSLogix with Citrix App Layering

Create Fewer Layered Images
Reduce Elastic App Layers
“Wicked Fast” Logon Times
FSLogix Apps
Layered Image
Profile Disks
Departmental Elastic App Layers




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Customer Testimonial – Equity Bank